Gary DiBlasio, M.D., P.A.             

“I decided to specialize in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation because it enables me to affect a person's quality of life.  Not only can I help alleviate my patients’ pain, or treat someone with significant injury from a serious trauma, but I’m also able to teach them how to prevent injury in the future. I can go he at the end of the day feeling as if I’ve truly made a difference in the quality of someone’s life: and that what really matters to me.”  - Gary DiBlasio, MD, PA

Gary DiBlasio is best known for his expertise in musculo-skeletal injuries/orthopedic medicine, electrodiagnostic testing, integrative pain management and acupuncture. He uses traditional and integrative medical treatments for acute and chronic pain syndromes, occupational injuries, sports medicine, and preventative medicine. He has extensive experience with behavioral, cognitive, and integrative medicine treatments and is a trained medical acupuncturist. A physiatrist, Dr. DiBlasio helps his patients relieve their pain, restore function and regain contol over their lives.

It is my belief that healthcare providers and their offices should be more patient-friendly.  All too often one must wait hours to see the doctor (or any provider) just to spend two minutes or less with them.  More often than not, the patient does not understand the diagnosis or the rationale for the treatment.  The patient's questions are usually not answered adequately, if at all. 

Our office does not overbook appointments!  Therefore, you are seen within a few minutes of you scheduled appointment...sometimes even a few minutes early!  I personally evaluate each and every patient on each and every visit.  Any and all questions will be answered to your satisfaction!
The healthcare environment is a maze.  Under best circumstances it is difficult to determine who does what and why.  When you are ill or in pain, you want answers and relief quickly.
I  will offer solutions from extremely conservative to more aggressive depending on your wishes.  He will help you determine the best treatment for your specific situation...even if it means referring you to another provider!
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